This page highlights our mission, biographies, and research associates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create vibrational energy technology products in support of the health and well being of all persons. We desire to manufacture responsibly and serve our customers, colleagues, employees, and competitors with integrity and respect. As many like-minded people join with us, we celebrate a renewed spirit of dedication to fairness and global community in our choices for a healthier world and for that of our future generations. 

Lori Malec Sweet, MSNH, CEO and Co-Founder, Arcturus Star Products LLP
D. Steven Sweet, Manager and Co-Founder, Arcturus Star Products LLP
Thomas E. Croley, Ph.D. Chief of Scientific and Medical Research, Arcturus Star Products LLP
Desiree DeSpong, Instructor, Co-Founder, LET Training Institute

In 1994 our first company was founded to explore the merits of electronic energy medicine after our son, Nathan Dunn, survived childhood cancer. He is now in his 30s. Our time and experience at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and the friendships with other families, gave us our passion for working with health modalities and creating a company that people could trust.

Since 1998 and the creation of our current company, we have evolved therapeutic technology systems focused on the lymphatic system. We pioneered the therapy with thousands of holistic practitioners and home users. They embraced it and gave us valuable feedback on its many applications for health and healing. Today, we are helping cancer survivors all over the world with the side and after effects of cancer treatments. Breast cancer patients have been particularly vocal in their praise. Our clients now include hospital lymphedema departments, integrative medical clinics and clinical researchers, through our sister company ArcStar Med. We support our products with educational seminars through the LET Training Institute, now offering CEU credits for massage therapists and others. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or would like to participate in any of our programs. Staff and Management.

Lori Malec Sweet - CEO and Co-Founder

Lori Sweet has been a natural entrepreneur since high school. She is an accomplished artist, has created several successful businesses and had a varied career in the arts, education, community service, holistic health and manufacturing.

Her son's struggle with childhood cancer inspired her avid study of health, wellness and vibrational energy and electro-medical modalities. She has had a passion for this work ever since.

Lori is CEO for her current companies, Arcturus Star Products and ArcStar Med. They provide excellent products, educational services and research to the wellness, integrative medicine and rehabilitation industries.

Lori's passion, enthusiasm, and tireless efforts have led to two decades of success in this industry.

Steve Sweet - Manufacturing Manager and Co-Founder

Steve has an industrial engineering and entrepreneurial background. From jet engines to fine furniture and electronics he manages the manufacturing processes for the Arcturus Companies: the electronic circuits, plastics fabrication, tooling and machinery, product design and the assembly staff. Steve's drive, intense focus and creativity have been invaluable to the company's two decades of success.

Thomas E. Croley, Ph.D., Chief Scientific and Clinical Advisor

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Croley is Professor Emeritus, Department of Physical Therapy, Biology, and Dental Hygiene at Texas Women's University. He was Professor (tenured) of Master's and Doctoral programs in Physical Therapy, Biology, and Allied Health classes at Texas Woman's University (TWU), Dallas, Texas. He has authored or was a prime contributor to nearly 100 peer review journals articles and manuscripts. He has been chief scientific advisor since 2003. He continues to be a shining light as a passionate pioneer in photonic and subtle energetic therapies for healing.  

Desiree De Spong, LET Institute Co-Founder, International Trainer

Desiree De Spong is a native of New Zealand and trained in Zen Shiatsu, Chapman Reflexes and Ortho-Bionomy therapies. In her quest for methods to optimize lymphatic drainage, she found the Arcturus Company’s instruments. She subsequently studied lymph therapy methods in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. In 2009 Desiree attended the International Society for Lymphology World Congress in Sydney, Australia and was awarded a visiting scholarship at Flinders’ University in Adelaide, AU with Neil Piller at their Lymphedema Assessment Clinic.

Desiree creates the curriculum for the LET Training Institute and is the Master Trainer internationally. She founded the Aetiology Ltd Clinic in Tauranga, New Zealand. Her contribution to the Arcturus Companies’ mission and success is invaluable.