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"Our LET Training Institute offers CE credits for our courses through NCBTMB!
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Arcturus Star Products

Lymphatic Enhancement Technology™
Improving the Efficiency of the Lymphatic System

DECONGEST * DETOXIFY * RESTORE the FLOW of LYMPH & BIOENERGY With the Finest Energetic Innovations Available Today


Lymphstar Essence Kit

Our products have been used successfully for nearly 2 decades in the holistic health professions integrative clinics and private homes. They are celebrated for their effectiveness, durability and integrity. Thousands of users worldwide attest to their quality, effectiveness and to our reputation as a company you can trust.

I dedicated my life to exploring the potential of subtle energy therapies after my young son completed years of chemotherapy for childhood leukemia. He is a thriving young man today and his well-being inspires us to persevere and continually improve our products and services. Our enthusiastic customers have brought our therapy to the attention of medical researchers and clinical trials abroad and now in the US.


Lori Sweet CEO

We have created an educational institute for advanced training for our loyal customers. We urge you to explore these compelling therapy innovations to improve your life, your practice and that of your clients.

Lori Sweet, CEO

 If you require an FDA medical unit, see www.arcstarmed.com.
ArcStar Med LLC             


         Our Brands Include:

      ª     Lymphstar Pro®

            ª     Lymphstar Pro Fusion®   

      ª     Lymphstar Essence®

            ª     Cygnus Aqua Cleanse™   

      ª     Peacemaker™

            ª     PHIT Modalities™   

      ª     Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) Training     Institute™



         Our Users Include:

      ª     Massage Therapists                                                  ª     Bodyworkers   

      ª     Naturopathic Physicians                                            ª     Naturopaths   

      ª     Lymphatic Therapists                                                ª     Chiropractors   

      ª     Estheticians                                                               ª     Acupuncturists   

      ª     Physical & Occupational Therapists                          ª     Integrative Medical Clinics   

      ª     Sports & Personal Trainers                                       ª     Colon Hydro-Therapists   

      ª     Spas & Medi-Spas                                                    ª     Veterinarians   

      ª     Basic Researchers 

                     ª     Health Conscious People & their Pets   



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