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Arcturus Star Training Seminars

LET Class 1. Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments
for Lymphatic Detoxification

This is a two-day, intensive class for all professional health practitioners and health advocates. It focuses upon the practical use and applications of the Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET)™ Therapy Instruments. These are the exclusive inventions developed and manufactured by Arcturus Star Products LLP.

The emphasis is on the lymphatic system and its importance in the prevention of illness, the restoration of health, the healing of injuries and surgeries, and in improving the affects of ageing. You will learn how the LET technology is used to maximize lymphatic drainage of the tissues and organ systems. LET Instruments are acclaimed for maximizing body detoxification in a way not seen with manual drainage therapies alone. Small class sizes give students highly-focused attention. The class provides 16 hours of instruction. The synopsis is below. Thank you for considering our educational opportunities.

Class Content

1. Technical overview of the LET Therapy instruments.

2. Maintenance and care of the therapy instruments.

3. How to Integrate LET Therapy within various health, wellness and esthetics practices.

4. Lymphatic Anatomy: The organization of the lymphatic system, anatomy and elimination pathways.

5. Discussion of common health issues responsive to LET: who and what to work and avoid. How to maximize detoxification of the body with LET Therapy.

6. Clinical Practices: evaluation of the client; care of the client within a session and afterwards; detoxification symptoms, addressing safety, contraindications, cautions, how many sessions, etc.

7. Therapy Sequences: Coverage of the key lymphatic watersheds, node groups and elimination systems of the body, by section, for a complete therapeutic session. See Course Schedule Below.

8. Each student will receive treatments and perform hands-on practice on others as they practice the sequences.*

9. Discussion of manual lymphatic drainage techniques that can augment LET sessions. Though not taught in this class, many practitioners have learned MLD, Vodder, or specialize in lymphatic therapy in medical settings. How to work LET Therapy into manual protocols is discussed. Options for further study.

10. Incorporating other Arcturus Star modalities and other products into the practice. What to expect.

11. Helpful guidance for promoting LET Therapy in your practice along with some resources for more assistance. The use of company branding and intellectual property (IP) is covered.

Fee: $650.00 per student
For 2016 and Early 2017 - Prices are subject to change without notice. Check the website for latest details.

What is Included in the Fee

  • The LET Class One manual and workbook
  • 16 hours of instruction
  • a certificate of attendance
  • a gift bag
  • special pricing on all Arcturus Star Products

- Special pricing on all products is effective immediately, with fully paid tuition, and is good up to 15 days after attendance at the class.

- Please call the company for purchases. Instructors cannot process credit cards orders.

- Arrangements can be made to ship new orders to class for pick-up.

- Students are not required to own the LET Instrument to take the class. See below.*

- You may be asked to bring your machine, if applicable, for larger classes.


Our instructors are highly trained, practicing therapists. They have attended a full complement of LET courses over many years and taken an Instructor's Class. They come from a variety of complementary health and medical professions.

*Preparations for class: The classes are generally limited to 4 students (some may host a slightly larger class). Bring comfortable clothing, shorts, sport bra, etc. as the therapy is practiced on each other. Please arrive on time and plan to say through the final hour of class. Inform your instructor immediately if you have any delays or changes so that they may proceed with the class schedule.
Note: If you have not been receiving the LET treatments or been using your own equipment prior to the class, pleased be aware that you can experience detoxification symptoms and emotional releases from receiving treatments. You can request that the work is performed on you without the unit turned on for part or all of the time during the class. Working with the therapy heads can be practiced without the energy. Anyone can experience symptoms with intense use of the technology during a class.

- Release of toxins can include excess urination, frequent or loose bowel movements, fatigue, headache, or strong emotions from hormones and toxins being released. Please drink pure water and avoid or minimize caffeine for the class period, as it is dehydrating! Please inform the Instructors ahead of class if you have health problems and concerns that they should be aware of, for your comfort and safety.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Company Policies for the Class

The class is open to all people in the health and medical professions, holistic health practitioners, and private health advocates who will study the class manual with the lymphatic anatomy before attending the class. A certificate of completion is provided to class attendees. Arcturus Star Products, LLP provides this course as equipment training in the effective uses of its products. It is not intended to confer status as a practitioner of any particular healing art. We do expect that it will give you more confidence in the uses and effective applications of the various therapy modalities that we offer.

Arcturus Star Products, LLP does not guarantee an income to users of its products nor can it provide a guarantee of practice growth due to the use of its products. A portion of this class does offer ideas for marketing the LET Therapy to others and explains the limits and permissions for customer use of IP (intellectual property) of the company’s literature, logos, photos, etc. in one's own marketing materials. The safe use of the products on clients, etc. is the responsibility of the product user. Liability insurance is the responsibility of the user.

We hope that you enjoy the class and find it an excellent learning experience!
Thank you,

Arcturus Star Training Seminars™
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Cancellation and Refund Policies

Notice to Our Customers

Due to liability issues, Arcturus Star Products, LLP and its legal agents, representatives and contractors will not provide “LET Practitioner Certification” courses** in the USA. Any such previous programs have been suspended. An accredited, educational institution may offer these at a future date. We have a new program, called the Arcturus Star Training Seminars, to serve those customers who want hands-on learning experiences. Also, there are workshops with lectures, panels and more coming soon. And look for more DVDs and online videos that will cover topics that you want to see. We appreciate your understanding. We pledge to continue to serve you with the finest therapeutic and aesthetics products and relevant learning opportunities.

** This refers to the conferring of status as a “Certified LET Practitioner”, thus creating a uniquely-named type of therapeutic practice for users of the Products of the Company and its identifying brands.