Lymphstar Pro® Technology

Benefits of Lymphstar Vibrational Lymphatic Therapy

        Vibrational Lymphatic therapy improves the entire circulation of the body. By allowing your body to release toxins, accumulated fluid, and proteins between the cells, healthy balance is restored.
Regular use improves your lymphatic fluid flow and accelerates detoxification of your tissues. This leads to more vitality, relief of aches and pains, aids with common ailments such as sinus, flu, colds, chronic dis-ease support, faster healing from surgeries, injuries and sports, and allows for less edema, fibrotic conditions, and swelling from various causes.
Finally, since the formation of collagen and its regeneration is important to your skin, regular use provides tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, and a vibrant complexion.
When used with your therapists care and guidance, many health challenges to well-being can respond with Lymphstar Lymphatic Therapy.

  • Breast Health
  • Pain Conditions
  • Immunitylet-level-i-course-details
  • Hormones
  • Post Operative
  • Injury Rehab
  • Aging Skin
  • Edema, Lymphedema
  • Men’s Issues
  • Digestion
  • Stress States
  • Fatigue



Photo Harmonic Induction Technology
A Proprietary System Of Energetic Emissions Far Beyond Simple Frequencies

Represented by the intersecting water rings in this image, P.H.I.T.® (pronounced Fit), is our proprietary name for frequency & photonic delivery methods used in Arcturus Star Products innovations. Quantum physics has shown us that all "things" are composed of energy and information. Electromagnetic signals carry information, and everything vibrates at a frequency. All known electromagnetic energies have vibrational qualities, meaning that they are molecules with atoms in motion (vibration). In addition, there are subtle non-electromagnetic energies, discovered and theoretical, within living systems.

In addressing complex living systems with external energy devices, a language that can communicate at their level is a necessity. Our 19 years of exploration in subtle energy in human and animal wellness provides us with a unique approach to delivering this 'language'. The Eastern civilizations understand the body in a way that incorporates the flow of elements and energy (oriental and Ayurvedic, for example).

P.H.I.T.®, Photo Harmonic Induction Technology, is a US trademarked phrase for our unique combination of electromagnetic emissions, complex enough to exchange 'information' with the flow of energy within living beings. This method of applying energetic communication is used in all of our products in some form. The colliding rings of water represent frequencies colliding and thus creating harmonics and other subtle energies where the rings interfere with each other. We use this concept in how we deliver energy to create a richer energetic language!

We have also specialized in understanding the circulation of lymphatic fluid from a holistic point of view. This amazing 'system' has been poorly understood by western medicine. Also known as the Extra Cellular Matrix, think of it as the information highway connecting all cellular activities through the biochemical & energetic pathways! Our products are all designed to enhance energetic flow with Complexity & Synergy. Thus, energy flow and communication is optimal for better results.


An Introduction to the Lymphstar Pro® Technology and Its Use for Enhancing the Flow of Lymph and Bio-Energy

Arcturus Therapy Instruments LLP
Proudly Designed and Made in America


What is the lymphatic system?

     The lymphatic system is like a vital 'RIVER OF LIFE' within us because it transports the fluid that cleanses every cell and organ in the body! It is THE pathway for TOXINS to exit from the blood and from the spaces between the cells. There are 17 trillion cells in the body. They are constantly exchanging substances within this space - called the interstitial space. The lymphatic system takes the toxic load and sends it out through the bladder, bowels, skin, and the lungs. And even more, the lymph system plays a key role in our IMMUNE FUNCTION. Infection - fighting white blood cells are transported via the lymph to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi within the lymph nodes. The nodes also filter out these pathogens and other toxins. Finally, there are LYMPH GLANDS like the tonsils & spleen which perform immune functions as well. To sum it up, we can say that the lymphatic system is essentially the information highway of our immune system and the pathway for toxic removal. In fact some say it IS the IMMUNE SYSTEM!

How do I know if I have lymphatic problems? Lymphatic flow functions normally with physical activity and an overall healthy circulatory system. But stagnation can occur anywhere along the system creating congestion and thicker lymphatic fluid. Also, surgery, injuries, radiation therapy, and removal of lymph structures create scar tissue that blocks lymph flow. The results of slower or blocked flow can be many. They range from sinus trouble, headaches, swelling (edema) in any part of the body, tender cystic breasts, fatigue and chronic pain syndromes, skin and other infections, asthma and allergies, poor digestion, female problems, prostate issues, continued pain after injuries and surgeries, premature ageing, to cancer and other 'dis-eases'.

Are there other causes? Yes, some people are born with primary lymphatic diseases. But most of us have issues related to trauma, surgeries, and poor health habits. Modern lifestyles substantially add to impaired lymph function. These include tight clothing, lack of exercise, unhealthy food and abuse of food, electronic and chemical pollution, chronic stress, poor sleep, and hormone mimics called endocrine disruptors from plastics, air pollution, drugs, herbicides, and pesticides. These all burden the free flow of lymph.

Why was the Lymphstar developed? Company creators began investigating the causes of immune problems and their solutions in 1990, after their son was treated for childhood leukemia. They evolved the Lymphstar Pro® product over many years beginning in 1994. Holistic health practitioners, whose focus is on preventive and restorative care, enthusiastically embraced it. The therapy protocols for using manual lymph drainage techniques were developed and refined. Input from researchers and thousands of customers have added to the effectiveness and integrity of both the instrument and our treatment regimens.

         Our clients now include traditional naturopaths and naturopathic medical doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, holistic nurses, lymphatic and lymphedema therapists, estheticians, integrative medicine physicians & oncologists, cosmetic & other surgeons, colon hydro- therapists, medi-spas, physical & occupational therapists, & home users interested in greater vitality, health, & natural beauty options. We have sold products in the US and 26 other countries.

→ " Our Customers LOVE their Lymphstars! They improve their clients lives, their practices, incomes, and their own health and that of their families. It is a tremendous value for everyone. And we are proud to say our products are "Made In America" and that we are here to serve you.

- Lori Sweet, Co-Founder, Arcturus Companies"                          

Lymphstar Pro ModelLymphstarProKit2

What is the Lymphstar Pro® and How Does it Work? Electro-biology devices have been in use for over 120 years! Our exclusive innovation, the Lymphstarfamily of products arethe pinnacle of this evolution.

The Lymphstar Pro® emits a low energy vibration that is safe and relaxing to experience. It is an electronic device that uses therapy heads containing noble gases in glass tubes. The gases are excited (ionized) by a high voltage field at low current (amperage). The therapy heads emit various fields of energy when touched onto the skin. These vibrational energies are (1) an electrostatic field, (2) this field 'dynamically pulsed' at low frequencies to create acoustic waves, and (3) and an electro-pressure field is created by the use of two therapy heads on various locations. It also positively impacts the meridian and acupuncture point systems of the body as well.  (supported by our scientific advisor, Professor Emeritus Tom Croley, an expert in the acupuncture system; see technical section)

When coupled with a therapist's caring attention you have a highly effective therapeutic system we call Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET).™

The Lymphstar Pro® Instrument - How is it used? The two Standard Lymph therapy heads are lightly stroked on the skin by oneself or the therapist. They may also be left in place for 5 or more minutes; or one is placed, and one is moved around. The placements follow lymph drainage pathways, are over lymph glands, or on organs such as the liver. Next, specific problem areas may be addressed such as a painful knee, or congested areas such as the breasts or the digestive system. (Other heads styles are available for facials, acupuncture point work, etc).

            When seeing a therapist, they may feel the areas of congestion in places to assess the progress during a session. They will perform some Manual Technique on the skin and over the nodes to optimally guide the lymph flow and may go back over areas that require it.

Sensations: The use of gloves to avoid static electric sensations is recommended. Therapists trained in our technique learn to ground the hands to avoid sensations. When using it on yourself you cannot feel the static sensations. However, if another person touches you while it is on, or if you touch large metal objects, you can feel it. It is just like a carpet zap in dry conditions when you ground to metal. With care, there are no unpleasant sensations.

→ " I am a nurse and certified lymphatic therapist. I have been using the Lymphstar Pro for about 6 years now and I have had solid results with my lymphedema clients.... It has helped countless clients to relieve sinus pressure and swelling to any body part's status post surgeries like mastectomies, shoulder repairs, knee repairs etc... I have had PT's absolutely floored with results I get with these clients. So needless to say, I adore this machine."

Paula Barron, LPN, MLD/CDT, Northampton, MA

How Does it Feel to Have the Therapy? The effect is one of overall relaxation. Afterwards, some people are highly energized for hours and others may want to rest as needed. Each individual reacts differently, but you can expect some increase in bladder and/or bowel activity, or a mild healing crisis as toxins exit faster. People with serious health conditions should be assessed by their health care practitioner before accessing lymphatic therapy. Overall, positive benefits are usually seen in one to 6 sessions.

What Health and Beauty Applications is it used for? Users have seen the therapy effective for breast health, pain syndromes, edema, immunity problems, post-operative & injury healing (orthopedic, cosmetic, oncology, sports), rejuvenating aging skin, hormone balancing, stress states, and much more. For beautiful skin, the therapy improves the circulation and drainage to improve the overall function of collagen formation. In order to diminish the signs of aging. regular use is recommended. You can even acquire a personal model and enjoy it for your beauty and wellness needs. Note: the guidance of a qualified therapist is recommended for those with chronic health conditions.

→ "As you know, after a c-section and double hernia surgery, I developed severe scarring in my lower abdominal area.  The scarring formed a mass which caused blockage in my intestines.  I received numerous pain injections which did not help.  Then countless physical therapy sessions which included ultrasound.  This also provided no relief...the scarring got worse and I did not receive relief until I visited you. When you used the Lymphstar Pro on my abdominal area, I finally felt relief.  The machine broke up the scar tissue enough that the blockage became relieved.  After several treatments, I felt great relief from my pain and intestinal problems. Thank you for the Lymphstar which made this chronic situation far more tolerable." Beth

What are the Advantages of Your Technology For Health Professionals?

  • Enhances the release of toxins through the lymphatic system with vibrational energies.
  • Mitigates the healing crises seen with other  detoxification therapies; clients love the therapy
  •  Augments your current professional focus;  increases revenue
  • Works more efficiently and deeper than Manual Lymph techniques alone.
  • Use with or without manual techniques per your clients' needs and your professional needs.
  • Medical research done in Australia, and ongoing in the US & New Zealand for lymphedema offers future  opportunities for therapists.

We invite Professionals to attend our LET* Training Institute's certification courses with trainer and curriculum developer, Desiree DeSpong, of New Zealand. LET Training is our proprietary method of working with manual therapy along with the Lymphstar Pro® Instruments.

*Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET)

→ "After taking the course in NY from Desiree, I was impressed with her knowledge of the lymphatic system. Her presentation and diagrams give me much better understanding of how the lymphatic works. As a certified lymphedema physical therapist working with breast cancer patients, her course has me incorporating her skills into my practice. I feel that complimenting the use of the Lymphstar Pro could also improve the results from my treatments. I am excited and look forward to future courses with Desiree."

Marcy McCaw BPE BScPT CLT, Pennsylvania

→ “Very, very well done, amazing experience, learned so much”. Nan Nathenson,Respiratory Therapy Education Coordinator, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln, NE

In Summary. The Lymphstar Pro's comprehensive vibrational technologies assist with fluid and energy flow. The use of this therapy opens up the lymphatic cleansing channels to amplify the body's natural detoxification and decongestion systems. It improves the FLOW of circulating lymph, blood, and bio-energy. You can be assured that it will maximize all of your lifestyle and therapeutic efforts to improve your health, vitality, and the beauty of the skin.

It will support therapies like massage & bodywork, nutritional & herbal therapies, physical exercise, skin brushing, esthetic and cosmetic procedures, and mind-body techniques, etc.

Vibrant Health and Beauty are the Result of an Uncongested Lymphatic System.

Call for a therapist near you and experience the "Star Treatment."

                    Three Models To Choose From: The Lymphstar Pro Fusion, the Lymphstar Pro, and the Essence.


Technical Section for Those who want to know more about the Technology

The Lymphstar Pro® Instrument Technology - What is it? The Lymphstar Pro® is an electronic device that uses noble gases in glass tubes. The gases are excited (ionized by a high voltage field at low current (amperage).

  • The noble gases used are argon, xenon and krypton. These gases are natural in earth's atmosphere all the time, but in minute amounts. This mixture is custom made for us and it glows a bluish purple.
  • The therapy heads emit various fields of energy when touched onto the skin. The primary action is an electrostatic field. It is like a static electric spark received from walking across carpeting in dry climatic conditions and then discharged when touching a grounding surface. But thousands of these sparks are formed at the surface when touching the skin. The client does not feel the sparks if applying it on oneself (grounded). If a therapist applies it, they use latex/plastic gloves or are taught how to ground while using.
  • Next, the field is driven by a circuit that pulses it in a dynamic cycle, within a specific range of frequencies under 1,000 Hz. We call this pattern a 'dynamic wave - pulsed field.™ This proprietary process keeps your body from adapting to the energy over time, as well as provides richer fields of frequencies that the body can use.
  • Thus, it creates multiple harmonics and other subtle energies, a concept that allows the body to select from more energetic "information" within the frequencies.

> This ionic field is then pulsed at low frequencies. It is a pulsating field of static electric bursts at microamperes (millionths of an ampere).

The Lymphstar energies are safe for most people*. There are no energies that can heat the tissue (non-thermal) or cause any harmful effects. *see contraindications below.

Is there a theory or scientific rational behind the Lymphstar Pro®?


Our Lymphatic Enhancement Technology™ can improve functions of the lymphatic system in 5 ways:


  1. Improves lymphatic circulation: Through excitation of the lymphatic portion of the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This enhances detoxification of toxins by increasing the FLOW and VOLUME (exchange) of circulating lymph fluid, thus increasing the rate of detoxification. This concurs with concepts in Western medical anatomy. See our study by Professor TE Croley1
  2. Increases the process of cellular respiration. The electrical properties of the cell membranes are enhanced, increasing the process of cellular respiration  – creation of ATP, i.e. the Krebs cycle. First, the skin is oxygenated by the static electric field. Electrons are antioxidants. By donating electrons  the trans-membrane electrical potential (TMP) is influenced and stimulated  by the external (endogenous) electrical fields. 2 The      lymphatic, pre-collector vessels are at the surface of the skin.
  3. Moves randomly bonded proteins. This process can also influence the randomly  bonded proteins that are stuck together on the cells surface as well in the interstitial spaces. These can create problems such as stagnant flow  and fibrosis. The Lymphstar Pro® temporarily increases the polarity charges at the membrane, improving ion exchange. Research in biology is advancing knowledge of the importance of the creation of ATP, which is the fuel for cellular energy. 3
  4. Overcomes the accommodation effect of  homeostasis by delivering variable low frequencies. Certain low frequencies are known be effective in electrical stimulation. However, Vibratory Signals can be adapted to with repetition. By  varying the low frequency pulses in a unique way, the Lymphstar Pro® is  more effective over time. This "dynamically pulsed ionic field"  gives the Client a symphony of frequencies that cells and systems can utilize to raise their vibratory rates. This concept is supported by standard and new concepts in biology.4
  5. Low energy electrical fields create an activation  of the circulating energy of the meridians and acupuncture points,  which should flow properly as part of our normal body functions. There are  deep meridians in the body that are an integral part of this system. This is in agreement with concepts in Eastern medicine and is supported by scientific study5.
  6. Now, additional vibrational energy modalities  are available for the Lymphstar Pro Fusion® model. These 7 evidence-based  modalities, with our proprietary frequency circuits, offer the finest,  comprehensive therapeutic system in the world. See our website at  www.lymphstarpro.com. Call for a therapist or sales associate near you.      1-888-730-1053.




*List of contra-indications: DO NOT use with unexplained calf pain, blood clots, a pacemaker, cancer, and congestive heart failure, or leave unattended people who are infirm, or in children under the age of 13.


1 TE Croley 2005, Gutenlase Energy Research Center, Denton, TX for Arcturus Star Products LLP


2 T.F. Valone, Biolectromagnetic Healing - A Rationale for Its Use, Integrity Research Institute, Washington, D.C. pages 61-97.


3Burnstock, Geoffrey and Khakh, Baljit S: "The Double Life of ATP" - Scientific American December 2009


4 Tsong, 1989, Szent- Gyorgi, A 1960; summarized by B. Lipton, The Biology of Belief, 005. Pages 100 -121.


5Croley, T.E. and Carlson, Mary; Histology of the Acupuncture Point' Amer. J. Acupuncture, Vol. 19, No.3, 1991




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