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Lymphstar Pro® Line:


Includes the base unit, 2 standard therapy heads, 2 DVDs (Intro to LET and Self Care Video) & User's Manual (with 3 DVD's) and carry bag for the heads.

Upgrade to new LET therapy heads with Standard bulb with purchase of unit: add $175.00 per head. For the LET Tri-Bulb set with purchase of unit: add $375.00 per head *see below for LET Head promo.


The Lymphstar Pro® is our original lymphatic therapy instrument acclaimed for improving the efficiency of the lymphatic system. It has an intensity and 10 frequency adjustments, a sturdy Pelican case, and now includes our latest upgrades, the LET therapy heads with replaceable bulbs & optional bulbs, new jacks with absolutely nothing on the panel that can carry the electrostatic energy (sensations) Includes: 2 LET applicator heads with their soft carry bag, 2 DVDs (Intro to LET and Self Care Video), and a user's manual with 3 DVD's.

Lymphstar Pro Fusion® Systems start at $6400 call for quote.

Launched in 2007, this is the preferred innovation by health professionals. It combines the Lymphstar Pro® product in the same case with a system that drives other therapeutic options. These options are called the Fusion PHIT Modalities. These modalities can be used in concert with the Lymphstar treatment or sequentially. There are currently 7 of these modalities used as therapy heads. With 2 inputs, you can use any one or two at the same time as the Lymphstar Pro is applied, with one exception, the Radiance Facial Contour Head. It has metal nubs and can carry the Lymphstar current.

Please Call for Pricing. Systems are customized with options for your needs for PHIT accessories. We would be happy to discuss these and provide a quote.

Basic system includes the base unit, 2 new LET therapy heads with standard bulb, 2 DVDs (Intro to LET & Self Care Video), User's Manual (with 3 DVD's) and carry bag for the heads. See the PDF product brochure for a complete description.

Aria LET System FDA Cleared Lymphatic Therapy - Please call for system quotes for the Aria unit and training options for your clinic or spa. Call 970-564-5811 or Email the Sales Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fusion P.H.I.T Line


The Eclipse Fusion is a unit that runs any or all of the PHIT Fusion modality heads that are available for he Lymphstar Pro Fusion. It is NOT a lymph therapy unit (Lymphstar.) It is purchased as a supplement to the Lymphstar Essence and Lymphstar Pro. See "PHIT head Summary" on the Lymphstar Pro Fusion page or in the PDF brochure above. Comes with your choice of 2 of the PHIT modalities that are $750.00 each when sold separately. For the Crystal Lymph Waves head with the Eclipse Fusion base, please call for pricing options.

(with choice of two Fusion PHIT® heads, excluing the Crystal LymphWaves™) - $3,000

Specialized Modality PHIT Heads for LSP Fusion & Eclipse Fusion Base Systems

  • Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head™ - $750
  • Infrared Radiance Energizer Head™ - $750 (Includes the bio-resonance cap for vials.)
  • Radiance Facial Contour Head, All Blue LEDs - $750
  • Radiance Facial Contour Head, All Red LEDs - $750
  • Pulsing Magnetic Head.™ - $750
  • SkinClear SunRay Therapy Head™ - $750
  • Nogier Frequency Head - $750
  • Crystal LymphWaves™ Head - $2,750

Arcstar Exclusive Products:

  • Cygnus Aqua-Cleanse™ - $2,250
  • Peacemaker™ - $350
  • TREK phototherapy with low frequency - $475


  • Blue Radiance - $425

For prices on other products, visit our ArcStar Spa pages.

DVDs for the Lymphstar Line

Lymphstar Line User DVD Set – 3 DVDs: - $100
(Refundable with purchase of a Lymphstar Unit - 1 year limit)

DVD for Therapy with the Lymphstar by Trainer Desiree DeSpong,
machine use only on others – 1 DVD:
- $110
(Refundable with purchase of a Lymphstar Unit - 1 year limit)

Self Care DVD by Trainer Desiree DeSpong - 1 DVD - $30
(Refundable with purchase of a Lymphstar Unit - 1 year limit)

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