LET Fundamentals Class: Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments for Lymphatic Detoxification

Arcturus Star Training Seminars: Webinar

Fundamentals Class 1. & 2. 

“Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments

for Lymphatic Detoxification”

Includes:  6.5 hours of video instruction, Manual & Workbook, PowerPoint Notes, 

Supplementary Documents, Qualification for Master Classes.

These Classes are offered as training in the use of our products only. These are the exclusive inventions of, and are developed and manufactured by, the Arcturus Star Products Company in Colorado and Michigan, USA. 

The LET Instruments and our Brands are the Lymphstar Pro®, Lymphstar Pro Fusion®, Lymphstar Essence™, and the Aria Elite LET System™. 

This introductory class is for all professional health practitioners and health advocates. It focuses upon the theory and technology of the Lymphatic Enhancement Technology Therapy Instruments™ along with their set-up and care, and methods for providing an effective treatment, lymphatic anatomy as it applies to this therapy and guidance on who can benefit from LET.

The emphasis is on the lymphatic system and its importance in the prevention of illness, the restoration of health, the healing of injuries and surgeries, and in improving the effects of ageing. You will learn how the LET technology is used to maximize lymphatic drainage of the tissues and organ systems. LET Instruments are acclaimed for maximizing body detoxification in a way not seen with manual drainage therapies alone nor with most other technology such as frequency, PEMF, light and sound devices. Our products are prized, and our company has an excellent reputation for quality, integrity and service to our customers. Owner Lori Sweet has 30 years in study and development of these products.

The class provides 6.5 hours of video instruction plus a large amount of supplemental material, plus PowerPoint notes. The synopsis is below. Thank you for choosing our products and educational opportunities.

Arcturus Star Co. and Lori Sweet, CEO

What is Included

  • 6.5 hours of online instruction with video links provided. Password Expires. Not for Sharing.
  • Subject Outline of each video.
  • The Class Manual and Workbook to print/save.
  • PowerPoint Notes Taking Sheets to print/save.
  • Study Materials that supplement the videos (Appendix in Manual). Print/save.
  • Future Supplemental video material, as it becomes available, at nominal charge.
  • Invitation to the Master Class events after Completion.
  • Printed Version: A Printed Manual and Workbook, plus PowerPoint Notes, etc. are available for mailing to you for an extra fee. Please call our office about this.

1. Maintenance and care of the therapy instruments.

2. Technical overview of the LET Therapy instruments.

3. Lymphatic Anatomy: The organization of the lymphatic system, anatomy and elimination pathways.

4. How to Integrate LET Therapy within various health, wellness and esthetics practices.

5. Discussion of common health issues responsive to LET: who and what to work and avoid. How to maximize detoxification of the body with LET Therapy.

6. Clinical Practices: evaluation of the client; care of the client within a session and afterwards; detoxification symptoms, addressing safety, contraindications, cautions, how many sessions, etc.

7. Therapy Sequences: Coverage of the key lymphatic watersheds, node groups and elimination systems of the body, by section, for a complete therapeutic session.

8. Supplemental lectures from medical practitioners and other guests.

9. Incorporating other Arcturus Star modalities with into the practice.

10. Helpful guidance for promoting LET Therapy in your practice along with some resources for more assistance. The use of company branding and intellectual property (IP) is covered.

11. Featured Instructor is Alicia Anzaldi, LET Instructor. Other healthcare professionals have been advisors on this project. Guests with Case Studies from the Master Classes are identified by request. Edited by Lori Sweet. Anatomy was overseen by Thomas E. Croley, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Anatomy, Texas Women’s University, USA. We thank this team for their contribution.

Priced $400.00 USD

Prices are subject to change without notice.