LET Training Advanced Class 3 ONLINE


This advanced video class is available after you have completed the LET Fundamentals Class 1 and 2. The course is comprised of two videos. The first video focuses on Lymphedema treatment with LET Wands and other modalities. The second video focuses on LET and PHIT modalities.


LET TRAINING: Treatment for Lymphatic Detoxification with LET Therapy Instruments

Arcturus Star LET Training: Video | Self Paced


LET Fundamentals Course: Advanced Class 3

Once you have completed the LET Training Class 1 & 2, you qualify to take this series of other videos.

Advanced Treatment Videos – 1.75 Hours

  • Video. Lymphedema Treatment with LET Wands and Other Modalities
  • Video. LET and PHIT Modalities

What is Included

  • Advanced Treatment Videos . Password Expires each month. Not for Sharing.
  • Subject Outline of each video.
  • The Class Manual and Workbook to print/save.
  • Invitation to the Master Class events after Completion.
  • Printed Version: A Printed Manual and Workbook, plus PowerPoint Notes, etc. are available for mailing to you for an extra fee. Please call our office about this.