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Acturus Star Company was founded to explore the merits of electronic energy medicine for health and wellness. Over the past 2 decades thousands of holistic practitioners and home users have contributed to the evolution of our technology. Our clients now include hospital lymphedema departments, integrative medical clinics and clinical researchers worldwide.

Engaging with serious illness gave us our passion for working with today’s chronic health challenges and our team pioneered therapeutic technologies focused on the lymphatic system, a key component of the immune system.

We are committed to innovating and improving our products through engineering and technological updates.

Who we are – Creating a Healthier World


D. Steven Sweet, Company Owner and Co-Founder
Lori Malec Sweet, MSNH, Owner and Co-Founder (1999-2022)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to innovate and explore effective subtle energy technologies and to bring exceptional therapeutic innovations to the world. We strive to foster the technology and to serve our customers, colleagues, partners, employees, and competitors with integrity and respect.

We celebrate the human spirit in its deep, collective desire to create a healthier world for the present and all future generations.


Cortez, Colorado: Manufacturing Facility and Sales Offices
Hesperia, Michigan: Assembly, Sales and Distribution
Years in Operation: 25 years – 2024
Industry Experience: 31+ years

Developing and Manufacturing Our Therapy Products Entirely In The USA


Development and manufacturing of a line of electromedical therapeutic instruments and other electronic therapy and esthetic devices.


  • Product Design and Engineering
  • Circuit Board Assembly
  • Testing and Calibration
  • Plastic Fabrication and Machining
  • Repair and Recalibration

Customer Support

Product Training

  • Programs for therapists held around the US in satellite locations by staff and contract instructors
  • Comprehensive Online Fundamentals Training, Advanced and Certification Testing available.

Sales and Marketing

  • In-House sales and outside reps
  • Sales opportunities for practitioners and referrals program


  • Clinical pilot trial at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, Neil Flinders, Director of Lymphedema Clinic, 2010
  • Scientific studies funded with Emeritus Professor Thomas E Croley Texas Women’s University, Denton, TX, in the science of lymphatic stimulation via electrostatic fields, bio-resonance modalities, 2003 – 2012.
  • University of Texas Southwestern, Collaboration with the Department of Physical Therapy for research with chronic pain. 2018 – ongoing.
  • First Medical journal publication, 2021, from the University of Texas Southwestern. “Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice.” Jason Zafereo PhD. Chief Investigator.

Professional Affiliations

  • Colorado Bioscience Association
  • Chambers of Commerce, Cortez, Colorado and Hesperia, Michigan


  • FDA Facility Registration from 2013 -2024


The Lymphstar Pro is not intended as cure for any disease or medical condition. It is provided for personal or professional research on the effects of photonic, sound, and noble/cold gas ionization technology on living systems.


Our LET devices effectively use subtle energy technologies including EEF, sonic and acoustic waves and harmonics. See technical section below.

  • LET is not ultrasound
  • LET is not a Rife Machine or a PEMF Machine
  • It is not a standard electro-modality like neuro-muscular or electro-muscle stimulation
  • LET is not “electro-lymphatic drainage or ELT.”
  • ‘Lymphatic Therapy’ refers to multiple types of treatments around the world

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  • The LET Instruments from Arcturus Star Incorporate a Mild Electrostatic Energy Field (EEF) with Low Frequencies that are Dynamically – Pulsed with our Proprietary Method.
  • EEF is electro-static field that pulsates at microamperes (millionths of an ampere) at less than 1,000 Hz. The EF Field is generated through medical grade glass applicators with the enclosed noble gases being excited by high voltage at the source and converted to DC (direct current). (Argon, Xenon, Krypton)
  • Creates physical vibrations with acoustic pressure waves at variable low frequencies.
  • The oscillations are modulated by a proprietary design call Sweep Pulse/ Dynamic Wave Pulse (SP/DWP).
  • This wave pulse creates vibratory energy at the molecular level. This enables a release of toxins, excess ions, proteins etc. within the interstitial space.
  • Advanced models of LET instruments have additional electronic EM modalities that add important therapeutic benefits to the System: Multi-Chromatic, High Frequency Light Accessory (Eclipse) offers additional, local drainage effects; Pulsing Magnetic offers pulsed magnetic fields; Infrared Light therapy with ELF frequency modulates topical nutrients; Multi-Chromatic and Harmonic modulated lens with coherent light.
  • All Energies are Non-Thermal and safe for most persons. (see contraindications)
  • The EEF works with the sympathetic contractile forces of the lymph circulation as shown in a scientific study for a description of this mechanism of action; the Croley Study performed by Thomas Eugene Croley, PhD. Emeritus professor, Anatomy, Texas Women’s University.
  • The US FDA registration categories are extremely limited at this time. Companies must determine into which of the categories their device fits.
  • Lymphatic Enhancement Technology Instruments are state of the art technology for application on broad range of tissue congestion-based problems. Enhances and augments the functions of the lymphatic system as the detoxification channel for the body.
  • Proven effective over 3 decades of users all over the world.


  • Not for use on persons with implanted medical devices.
  • Do not use in the presence of unexplained calf pain or over inflamed areas. (active blood clots with pain)
  • Do not use directly over any undiagnosed skin infections to avoid the spread of bacteria.
  • See precautions for use during medical treatment for cancer.
  • Do not use during pregnancy.

Precautions: Please turn machine OFF when removing or inputting head jacks.

  • Wear rubber/plastic gloves while using on others.
  • Avoid touching large metal objects while holding the heads or while on oneself.
  • Not for use in children under the age of 12.

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