The Peacemaker


The Peacemaker provides harmonic energy with added quartz crystal oscillators for a powerful calming coverage of your interior space.


The Peacemaker provides an Harmonic Energy Field with added quartz crystal oscillators for a powerful coverage of your interior space. Calming and balancing. You may feel less stressed and have fewer aches and pains. It makes your surroundings feel less chaotic to the brain and body and may protect cellular activity from the electromagnetic pollution and other subtle energetic disturbances surrounding us today. Reports include disappearance of mysterious pains, better sleep, and calmer energy in the home, treatment spaces and offices. Most disharmonic energy is in the brain-wave range and the Peacemaker allows your body and brain to entrain to its harmonic frequencies and not engage with the disharmony. Feng Shui experts applaud this product. Simply the best and most convenient protection unit available.

People love it, plants will thrive in its energy…pets too! Just plug it in to a wall outlet and the harmonizing field covers a radius of 35 feet or a diameter of 70 feet. Demonstrate and hear its energy on an analog radio. No other product of this kind has a detectable output. This energy goes through walls to cover the desired area but performs best closer to the unit itself. Families place 2 -3 units in the home depending upon the size. Therapists place one near the treatment table to relax their clients AND themselves.


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